Consignor Information

Read through the three tabs above to learn how easy it is to consign.

We do have a limit on the total number of consignors we can accept, so don’t delay in registering! REGISTER NOW before we are full! (See link at top of page Consignor Registration/Login)


  • You will receive 60% of the selling price from each item sold.
  • The consignor registration fee is only $10.00.  Minimum 20 items consigned.
  • Our state of the art selling system allows you to track your sales everyday online.
  • Easy online tagging system.  Voice entry or typed entry.
  • YOU, the consignor, are the best form of advertising! Tell everyone you know about VOGUE CONSIGN to help spread the word!  Please, share our facebook/instagram page and posts.
  • You are invited to our exclusive “Consignor Only” shopping night. This night is prior to the doors opening to the public.  You will receive a consignor entry pass.  A teenage child may also come in on this single pass (they may need to choose their own clothes!)
  • You will also receive two guest shopping passes for “Consignor Only” shopping night.  These passes may be given to whoever you desire.  The entry time for guest entry will be noted on the passes and is based on how early you arrived at Drop off.  This time may be different from your entry time.  These passes may not be sold.
  • Want to shop even earlier? Become a consigning VOLUNTEER and shop the night prior to consignors!
  • Become a consigning VOLUNTEER and earn up to 80% of the selling price from each item sold!


  • On consignor only “shopping night” no children in strollers.  We have provided shopping carts.
  • Shoppers : NO handbags, NO purses, and NO back packs are allowed into the sale to cut down on theft.
  • Bring a wallet instead of a purse. It’s less to carry!